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Leaderboards 🛡️

Dive into the competitive world of speedrunning with our Global Leaderboards feature. Compare your completion times against the world's best to see where you stand among elite players. Track your rise through the ranks and push your limits to climb higher on the leaderboard.

Timers 🚀

Master every part of your run with our easy-to-use Segmented Timer. Start and stop the timer for each segment of your run with just a click, allowing you to focus on beating your best times. Perfect your strategy by identifying which sections to improve and shave seconds off your overall time.

Statistics 📈

Elevate your speedrunning with in-depth analysis using our Detailed Statistics feature. View comprehensive data on your splits, including average times, best times, and variance. Analyze your performance trends to identify strengths and weaknesses, and tailor your practice sessions to optimize every second of your run.

Pacing 🦉

Stay ahead of the game with real-time Pace Alerts. Whether you're leading or lagging behind your personal best, our intuitive system notifies you during the run, giving you the chance to adapt your strategy on the fly and secure those record-breaking times.

Switching Games

Manage your diverse speedrunning portfolio with ease using our Multi-Game Profiles. Create and switch between different profiles or save states for each game or category you tackle. Streamline your speedrunning experience and keep your strategies and times organized and accessible.

Exporting 🧰

Connect with your community and fans like never before with our Splits Sharing feature. Export and share your splits in a universal format, allowing your audience to follow along with your runs in real time. Enhance your content and engage your viewers by bringing them closer to the action.